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The Knight Manager Wiki is designed to help players better navigate the game. On the wiki page there are various help pages on different topics. The wiki is public, so everyone can write new articles and help pages or correct them. This way the wiki can grow with time. Everyone who can or wants to contribute is welcome to expand the wiki.
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Certain skills do not work in the Alexa app on the smartphone. Especially ios devices are affected. Amazon is working on a solution.


Looks like there's currently a problem with Amazon Alexa that affects certain skills. Knight Manager and other skills cannot be started at the moment. We are trying to reach someone.


We would like to inform you that we have removed the Stabilization Mode from our game. This decision is due to the dynamics within the forest, which no longer allow us to replicate the same duration as before. We have decided against implementing any other mode that runs slower or faster than the normal mode. Recent adjustments in the forest have shown that stability was not improved through this mode. Therefore, we have decided to remove this mode entirely.

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Alexa Skill Knight Manager
Alexa Skill

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Knight Manager

Is your Knight the strongest and most glorious in the kingdom? Train your knight in the skill "Knight Manager" on Amazon Alexa devices. Your mission as a Knight Manager: Transform a weak Knight into a glorious hero. Provide him with the appropriate equipment, send him on daily adventures, have him fight against other Knights of the Kingdom, hunt orcs in the Dark Forest, or help protect the Kingdom from The Evil Mage Azrael in the Dark Tower.

Alexa Skill Knight Manager
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Facebook Group

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Join the official Knight-Manager group on Facebook and exchange ideas with other managers from all over the world. Here, other managers will be happy to help you if you have any questions. In the group you can also find a tag team partner and trade resources.

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The Dark Tower
Floor 730

35 percent completed

The Dark Tower

Knight Manager! The kingdom is in dire jeopardy: Have your warrior go to the Dark Tower and defeat the dreaded mage Azrael. But be warned! The enemy possesses a rare artifact from which he draws his power. Your warrior will probably only be able to defeat him together with the help of fellow knights. Gather all of the other knights together for an attack, and they might be able to win and save our realm.

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If you have linked the skill to your Amazon account, you can log in here and learn more details about your knight.

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Help us

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Do you like Knight Manager? Then rate it in your Alexa app. This motivates us to further improve the skill.

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Today the fair is in the city

Test your luck


The fair is back in town. He can prove his gambling skills and luck. Spin the wheel and win or lose big. Is Fortune with him again today?

Which order will be the winner?

Which order will be the winner?


The Lazarus Order (8.86%)
The Meridian Order (8.77%)
The Merciful (9.42%)

Top donors

Gold pieces
The MercifulBucks boy: 2.6b
The Lazarus OrderFawkes: 1.6b
The Lazarus OrderMADMAX: 1.3b
The Lazarus OrderLudwig: 1.1b
The Meridian OrderGabriel: 1.1b
The MercifulBruder: 35.6k
The Meridian OrderSkywalker: 26.7k
The Lazarus OrderALT EF FEAR: 25.8k
The Lazarus OrderShruikan: 22.8k
The MercifulHellboy: 22.7k

(k) = thousand, (m) = million, (b) = billion
Dark Forest

The hunt begins!

Dark Forest

The Royal Hunting Company has sent out a report about evil orcs in enormous numbers taking over the lush forest and turning it murky and dark. Get your warrior into the Dark Forest and help drive the orcs from our great realm.

The Orc King still has 82.02 percent of his health points left. The bounty on his head is currently 850 diamonds.