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Registration for the knights games

Knights games


The registration for the knights games is open and will run the whole day. The following guilds are available.

  • The Angels of Destiny
  • The warriors of the holy blade
  • The threat from the north

Which order will be the winner?

Which order will be the winner?


The Lazarus Order (30.7%)
The Meridian Order (29.17%)
The Merciful (30.29%)

Top donors

Gold pieces
The Lazarus OrderShruikan: 6.5b
The Lazarus OrderSir trips a lot: 4.9b
The Meridian OrderBlack riding hood: 4.1b
The Lazarus OrderMADMAX: 3.6b
The MercifulDrew McIntyre: 2.6b
The Meridian OrderTweety: 84.6k
The Lazarus OrderShruikan: 81.4k
The MercifulHellboy: 78.9k
The Lazarus OrderSkywalker: 75.5k
The Meridian OrderHermine Granger: 35.5k

(k) = thousand, (m) = million
Dark Forest

The hunt begins!

Dark Forest

The Royal Hunting Company has sent out a report about evil orcs in enormous numbers taking over the lush forest and turning it murky and dark. Get your warrior into the Dark Forest and help drive the orcs from our great realm.

The Orc King still has 9.63 percent of his health points left. The bounty on his head is currently 1300 diamonds.