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Today is double thursday

The King is more generous today

Double Thursday

Today is double thursday: for all the fights your knight wins, they will get double honor points, experience and serfs. Even the king is more generous and gives away more diamonds.

Which order will be the winner?

Which order will be the winner?


1. The Merciful: 52777622
2. The Meridian Order: 52277156
3. The Lazarus Order: 41274461

There are still 133 days left in this season.

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The MercifulRoter Austral: 78.6m
The Meridian OrderPetrus der erste: 28.2m
The MercifulSir Kay: 19.8m
The Meridian OrderPaddel panne bert: 18m
The MercifulMaster mojo: 16.2m
The Lazarus OrderBitty pretty kitty: 106.1k
The MercifulBruder: 104.1k
The Meridian OrderCasana: 98.4k
The Lazarus OrderWinston: 84.3k
The Lazarus OrderZion: 68.2k

(k) = thousand, (m) = million, (b) = billion