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Frequently asked questions

How often are skills used?

Every skill has a certain percentage chance of entering and is completely independent of the personal luck value. At each exchange of blows, it is randomly determined whether a skill is used (depending on the chance of the respective skill). So it can also happen that abilities are used, although they may not be needed in the current situation.

Tell me about potions?

There are several potions that can be bought in the tavern for gold. Three different potions are offered every day. Each potion boosts certain attributes of the knight for one hour. Different potions can be consumed at the same time, but no more than three a day.

The potions strengthen the knight's attributes in percent. Since strong knights with a high level benefit more from the potions than knights with a low level, the price scales depending on the personal level.

How does opponent selection take place?

Opponent selection is based on the current ranking. A random opponent is chosen who is a maximum of 10 ranks above or 10 ranks below one's own ranking position. Apart from this standard variant, there is also a small chance to get a random opponent. In this case, a random opponent is selected who is up to 50 ranks above or 50 ranks below one's own ranking position.

Why are there no more diamond gifts from the king?

The king continues to give diamond gifts. However, this number of gifts has been limited (double the number on Double Thursday). In the past, the unlimited condition, combined with the "Balanced Food" bonus, meant that successful players could collect more diamonds than they spent. Thus, it was possible to generate an unlimited number of diamonds from "nothing". These strong players became much stronger and therefore almost invincible. This circumstance led to a big imbalance and frustration for all old and especially for new players.

Important: In Quick Combat Mode you often don't notice that diamond gifts are given out. Even if this is not announced then, these diamonds will still be credited. If you link your Amazon account to the skill, you can see his personal diamond gifts including the time on the website.

How are the leagues within the ranking list divided up?

The best 50 players are automatically placed in League A. The next 150 players are in league B, another 300 players are then in league C and the rest of the players are in league D. The change between the leagues can be made at any time and is based on the ranking position of the player.

Tell me about buying diamonds?

Knight-Manager is constantly updated with content and balancing updates. Thousands of hours of development have gone into this game. Real-money purchases (diamonds) ensure the continued existence and further development of Knight-Manager.

Knight-Manager can also be played completely free of charge. Every feature can also be used without real money purchases.

What is the trust factor and why was I excluded from the trading function?

The game uses a trust factor to ensure that trading activities are fair. This trust factor increases when a player invests in their knights, for example by buying a bonus or consuming an apple. However, if a player collects resources and sends them away instead of using them themselves, the trust factor decreases. If a player sends out more resources than they invest in their knights, they will be temporarily excluded from trading until the ratio is balanced again. The duration of the exclusion varies depending on the player and the time of the violation.

The value X, which indicates the ratio between invested resources and sent resources, is different for each player and is dynamically calculated. New accounts initially have a lower value than older accounts. Many factors are taken into account in the calculation of the trust factor, which are not disclosed. The system also compares the behavior between similarly aged accounts to ensure that the trust factor is fair and accurate.

The automatic trading system is statistically very accurate and detects multi-accounts in most cases. In some cases, however, a manual review may be required to ensure that the exclusion is correct.

It is advisable to use the new trading system and ensure that a corresponding value is received for each sent item. This can help restore the system's trust in the player and reduce the likelihood of exclusion.

It is also important to note that the automatic trading system learns over time and adapts to the behavior of the players. The longer a player is part of the game, the better the system can understand their trading style and adjust the trust factor accordingly.

Frequently asked questions about changing seasons

What happens when a season changes?

When a season change occurs, all knights and rankings are reset. All players restart at level 1 after the start of the season, both in combat and in the Dark Forest, and must reassign their skill points.

What resources are carried over from the old season?

When a season changes, he keeps all skills, bonus features, collected free tickets, energy, and diamonds acquired in the store. While skills are usable immediately, bonus features must be unlocked first as he rises to new levels. Also note that epic abilities are not activated until he reaches the required combat class.

Will his current combat class be kept?

No, all combat classes will be reset at the start of the new season.

What resources are lost when changing seasons?

When the season changes, your knight loses all silver arrows, all hunting skills and hunting bonus features, his sword, armor, and shelter upgrades, his progress on daily adventures, his gold, his serfs, and arrow makers.

How are bonus features unlocked?

Three bonus features are unlocked per level up. Which ones they are depends on the skill improved. For example, improving your knight's strength with one skill point will unlock three sharpened blades.

What happens to the other bonus features?

The bonus features balanced food, feather bed, chains, and entertainer are immediately usable to their full extent, just like the abilities.

Can he buy more bonus features even though not all of his old ones have been unlocked yet?

Yes, he can buy more bonus features at any time and they will be active immediately.

What happens to his tag team?

If he is in a tag team at the time of the season change, it will remain in place for the new season.

With how much energy does my knight start the new season?

He starts with the maximum energy he can currently store through his feather beds. Any excess energy will also be kept.

What is the Order?

With the start of the fifth season, the game will be expanded with the brand new Orders. The orders are alliances of players who fight together to win the current season. For this purpose, each player collects points for his Order. The Order that has reached 100 percent of the required Order points wins and automatically ends the current season.

Are the orders fixed or do they have to be founded by players?

The orders are fixed by the game. Altogether three orders exist: The Order of Lazarus, the Order of Meridian, and the Order of the Merciful.

How do I have him join an Order?

You cannot. The king will automatically assign him to one of the three orders after he reaches level 50. The assignment is done so that the orders are as balanced as possible in terms of strength. In addition, the Order Hall and Province Battles will also be unlocked from this point on.

How does he collect Order points?

Will his tag team partner automatically be assigned to the same Order?

No, tag teams are completely independent of the Order. So, of course, a tag team partnership can be formed with a member of another Order.

What is the Order Hall?

The Order Hall is where all members of an Order can donate certain resources to unlock upgrades for all Order members

What are the order upgrades?

There are three Order upgrades:
- Shrine of Luck: Improves the luck of all Order brothers by 1 percent per level
- Monument of Haste: Improves the speed of all brethren of the Order by 1 percent per level
- School of Servants: Improves the chance to get an arrow maker by 1 percent per level

What happens if he accidentally donates too much for an upgrade?

If he donates too much, only the required amount of the corresponding resource will be deducted.

How long do order upgrades last?

Order upgrades take 15 minutes longer with each level. So, for example, an upgrade to level 3 would take 30 minutes.

What are the province battles?

The new province Battles will take place every Sunday. In these battles, all three orders fight for a specific province, with a different province being fought for each week. The order that wins the province in the end will subsequently benefit from the associated bonus. The benefits vary by province and remain with the winning order until the province is fought for again.

Can an order hold multiple provinces?

Yes, an Order can also hold multiple provinces, as long as it has won the battle.

How do I have him participate in the province battle?

Once the province battle has been started, you can say "province battle" at any time to start such a battle. It is not necessary to register as in the knight games. Then, a random opponent will be selected regardless of his current ranking position or league. If he wins this fight, he will receive a province token. You can then decide if you want him to continue fighting or save the province token for his order. If you decide to continue having him, he will continue fighting with a temporary decrease in his skill value of 10 percent. This value increases by 10 percent with each battle he wins. In addition, the number of province tokens he receives for a victory increases with each battle he wins in a row. For example, if he wins the first battle and the second battle, he will receive 2 + 1 = 3 province tokens for winning the second battle.

What resource is consumed in a province battle?

A province battle consumes one province coin.

What happens to his province tokens in case of a crash?

Should the skill crash during a province fight, his progress will be saved and you can decide whether to have him continue fighting with reduced skill values or save the collected tokens.

Can he also fight regularly during the province battle?

Yes, you can decide if you want him to start a province fight or a regular fight (or quick fight)

Does provincial combat replace the knight games?

No, the Knight Games will continue to be held every Saturday.

What are level rewards?

From the fifth season, all players will receive a certain amount of gold every 10 levels as a level reward. In addition to that, there will be a certain amount of silver arrows for every 10 levels of hunting.

What are milestones?

In addition to level rewards, there are set milestones (such as level 100 or hunting level 50). When these milestones are reached, a certain amount of diamonds is paid out. If hunting milestones are reached, a certain amount of arrow makers will be paid out.

At what level can I send gifts?

With the start of the new season, all players will only be able to send gifts after reaching level 20. However, gifts can still be received at a lower level, of course.

What will change with the blacksmith?

Sword, armor, and shelter upgrades will take 12 hours to complete instead of the previous maximum of 8 hours. In addition, the duration of an upgrade increases by 5 minutes per level. So an upgrade to level 2 will take 5 minutes, and one to level 3 will then take 10 minutes.

Are there any new bonus features?

Yes, there is a new bonus that increases experience point gain in battles by 2 percent per bonus.

Will this bonus be limited?

Yes, the number of units of this bonus property is limited to 25, which is a maximum of 50 percent more experience points.

What happens to packages he sent just before the season change?

All undelivered or unclaimed packages (except diamond packages) will be deleted with the season change.

What happens to his title?

All titles will be carried over to the new season as well.

How many bonus properties can he buy per day?

In the new season, everyone can again buy up to 15 bonus properties each day.

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Which order will be the winner?

Which order will be the winner?


The Lazarus Order (91.33%)
The Meridian Order (91.91%)
The Merciful (93.75%)

Top donors

Gold pieces
The Lazarus OrderShruikan: 47.3b
The MercifulDrew McIntyre: 14.1b
The Meridian OrderBlack riding hood: 13.8b
The Lazarus OrderMADMAX: 13.3b
The Lazarus OrderArtus: 8.9b
The Lazarus OrderShruikan: 318.1k
The MercifulHellboy: 175.5k
The Lazarus OrderSkywalker: 173.1k
The Meridian OrderTweety: 164.5k
The Meridian OrderHermine Granger: 130.4k

(k) = thousand, (m) = million, (b) = billion
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