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Season 10 Changes

Published on March 17th, 2023 at 7:43:02 PM

In this news article, we will be announcing the upcoming changes for Season 10. To maintain clarity, we will provide a separate update for each change. This article will be regularly updated to reflect these ongoing adjustments.

Combat Formula Adjustments

Update on April 5th, 2023 at 10:20:22 AM

Adjustments to the formulas for hit chance and damage are planned for the upcoming tenth season. The revised hit chance formula now takes into account both the percentage and absolute difference between speed and luck. Additionally, speed and luck will also play a small but significant role in damage calculations going forward.


Update on March 28th, 2023 at 12:35:45 PM

In the upcoming season, instead of using bandages to help injured knights in the forest, healing herbs will be used. These herbs are rare to find in the remains of orcs, but they can be discovered through a new hunting skill called Herbalism. It is planned that more types of herbs can be found with this skill in the future. Additionally, further usage possibilities for the healing herbs are also planned.

Blacksmith changes

Update on March 21st, 2023 at 7:55:10 AM

Today we would like to share another update with you regarding the changes in Season 10, which are related to the blacksmith and gold prices.

In Season 10, the blacksmith will continue to be an important place where you can improve your sword, armor, and quarters. To make the game fair, balanced, and exciting for everyone, we have decided to slightly adjust the gold prices for upgrading these items at the blacksmith. Another reason for this change is that we want to give gold more value in order to promote a healthy in-game economy.

We encourage you to carefully manage your gold resources in Season 10 and strategically improve your equipment and quarters. We believe that these changes will help preserve the significance of valuable items and resources within the game.

Automatic Battle System

Update on March 18th, 2023 at 8:08:38 PM

Due to ongoing issues with rapid consecutive commands, which we cannot control, we are currently working on a solution to automate normal combat, as this is the most common command used quickly. Our goal is to introduce this feature in the next season.

Similar to the Dark Forest, the Audio Player will be used here and will automatically perform battles until the process is stopped or the player's energy is depleted. The limitation of the Audio Player means that the battle will not be described in detail - it will be more like a quick battle, as already known from the game.

This will be an additional command that initiates this mode. The existing commands for combat will continue to be available unchanged.

At this time, it is not possible to estimate how many battles the system will allow per minute. However, we will update this article as soon as there is new information on this matter.

Rookie Ranking

Update on March 18th, 2023 at 8:03:27 PM

The next season of Knight Manager will introduce an exciting new feature: a rookie ranking. This ranking has been specifically designed for new players who start with Knight Manager during the current ongoing season. All new players will automatically become part of this ranking, allowing them to compete in a fairer environment.

However, the introduction of this rookie ranking does not mean that new players are limited in any way. They can still trade normally and use all other functions of the game. The only difference is that their battle ranking and opponent selection for regular battles will be determined by the rookie ranking.
This change aims to provide new players with a less frustrating experience while also serving as preparation for the regular ranking. In this way, they can get to know the game mechanics better and develop their skills in a less competitive environment.

Upon completion of their first season, players will automatically be included in the regular ranking. From the second season onwards, they will be listed in the normal ranking and can compete with experienced players from the entire community.

Combat Abilities

Update on March 18th, 2023 at 8:01:13 PM

Starting with the next season, similar to the hunting abilities, there will be a selection option for combat abilities. Your knight will use the three abilities you activate in battle. You can adjust the active abilities at any time using the "Change Abilities" command. This is intended to help players tactically differentiate themselves from one another and make battles in the arena even more exciting.

In the upcoming season, the probabilities of the abilities will also be slightly increased, and it will be possible for the knight to use the same ability multiple times in battle. To give players the opportunity to reorient themselves under these new conditions, we will, at the beginning of the season, exchange all purchased abilities for diamonds once. This process will take place automatically, and you will receive the value of the abilities back in diamonds.

We have deliberately decided to carry out this process for all players at the same time in order to create the best possible equal conditions for everyone.

We are aware that this topic is viewed very differently. However, we believe that this will improve the experience and therefore it is worth trying. If we are mistaken, we will completely reverse this change by Season 11 at the latest, as we are also interested in a game that entertains and does not frustrate.

It is crucial to experiment with ideas and concepts to continually improve a game. Stagnation can be detrimental to the overall experience, and in a constantly evolving world, it is essential to adapt and innovate. At present, it is merely speculative whether these changes will enhance the enjoyment of the game or not. However, by testing new approaches and learning from the outcomes, we can strive to create a better and more engaging experience for all players involved.

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